The pros and cons of chatbot for your business


27 Mar 2020

Pros of Chatbot

Responsive customer service – Chat bot could be programme to response to your customer even if your customer service is busy responding other customer.

Multi purpose and never slack – Chat bot is available 24/7 and can response to as many customer that have inquiries. It can include responding to product features, services , orders etc.

Multi language – Chatbot could be programme to response to multiple languages. For a company that aim for international market could benefit from hiring multiple employee.

Cost effective – Having point out the above, chatbot that speaks multiple languages, fast response time, and able to serve and scale customer inquiry anytime. It would be lowest pay in the labour market.

Cons of Chatbot

Lack of empathy and human touch – Chatbot interaction with customer would lack of empathy. In certain cases, it would require feeling and human communication to provide the right advices.

Limited response – Chatbot are sensitive to spelling. With that, chatbot might not be efficient to response to customer if there are a lot of spelling mistake. Besides, chatbot can handle limited answers.

Enhancing chatbot is expensive – Simple business enquiry can be easily handle by chatbot, but those that are more complex would require more cost to program all the queries.

Frustration – A chatbot that are sensitive to spelling and only able to respond to specific queries might confuse the customer. It might frustrate the customer by running in circles.


The live chat experience from a real person would be priceless. But looking at the pros and cons, chatbot are in the rise and it would require sometime to reap the benefits from it. Combining chatbot to filter our simple queries and assign real person to attend unsorted queries would be the best solution currently. Nevertheless, these process are in place to help businesses save time and energy.