5 Ways E-commerce Business Can Leverage on Chatbot


28 Apr 2020

Chatbot, which is powered by technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), can assist customers at all stages in the marketing funnel. It improves content distribution to locating the right products and services.

Besides, Chatbot can be integrated into wide variety of customers-to-business interactions. It enhance customers in various ways :

Greeting on meeting

Upon customers visit on your site, chatbot prompt with a series of function and enhance customers experience. Chatbot can greet consumer that previously visited the site and provide them with latest product that might fit their interests. As a result, customers will enjoy visiting your site which will boost your sales and revenue.
Next, you can localize the user experienced based on consumer given location. A study shows that consumers aren’t eager to spend money on things that they dont understand fully. Chatbot that can converse in consumer’s language can solve this issue efficiently.

Give your customers a nudge to buy

Often times, customers from e-commerce platforms abandon their carts. Hence, every site should aim to reduce the rate of customer that put purchases on hold.
Many businesses utilize email to notify their customers about forgotten sales. However, research indicates that chatbot have a higher CTR (click through rates) that email marketing.
Chatbot is comparatively more friendly, addressing customers queries on site, and conversational.
With that, it can be further enhance by pushing customers forward by giving discount and promo code. Chatbot can do that when user are browsing on your website, which brings more value compare to email marketing.

Promote consumer to share data

Chatbot are a great way to motivate customers to share their preferences and contact details in order to improve shopping experience.
Some users might not be comfortable sharing their contact numbers, but are more inclined to share their social media accounts, whic make it a great way to keep your clients updated on your offers and sales.

Help your customers with the information they value

Chatbot can provide customers centric content. Especially if you are operating an e-commerce platform within specific niche industry. Your customers would be interested to informed on new products and informations. For example, your customers are interested in gadgets. Regularly providing reviews on the latest products will improve engagement with them and hence build a trust for your brand.

provide 24/7 product information

Chatbot works wonder when handling customer Q&A and inquiries. Anytime your customers have questions about the products or services, they can get help from chatbot. It’s comparatively more effective than on page FAQ sheet because chatbot are programme to learn and understand on human language.